The Valley Below (2015)

On top of a mountain a soldier protects his town from threat lurking beneath the fog. One day a mishap forces him to confront his fears. In the process he realizes that not everything unknown hides great danger.


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Climb (2014)

The end of the journey is the beginning of another. This is the story about father and son on their troublesome journey to the top of a giant tree.

While coping with this dangerous task, the dependency of each generation on its previous one comes into effect.


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Anglerfisch (2014)

A Cartoon Network Ident

Fishes trying to do acrobatics on a hook.


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Pepito (2016)

A musicvideo of the song "Pepito" from the band "Les petits chanteurs à la gueule de bois"

Pepito is a donkey destined to rule Mexico.

Runaway Voice (2017)